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We've been making Wood Box Liners for 35 years. Wood Liners were how we got our start in this industry, and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who has made more over the years.

Our very own tough and durable wood liners and tool boxes are crafted using state-of-the-art CNC machines. These computer machines allow us to cut exact angles and dimensions, ensuring a precise fit. Utilizing this technology also allows us to build our wood products using high quality joints for incredible strength and exacting fits for the increasing differences in truck box shapes and sizes. This allows for custom dimensions and configurations as well as our regularly stocking items.

We make a wide variety of wood products designed for security (hinges stand up to repeated opening, closing, twisting and shaking through the years) & weather resistance.

Our Regular Stocking Items

Under Rail Wood Liners are great for utilizing any sort of box cover, as most covers attach to the rails of the truck. As the name suggests, these liners install under the rails, allowing for easy install. The factory tie downs exposed for use.

Flush Mount Wood Liners offer just a bit more protection to the truck, these liners come up flush to the truck box rail. They also offer a cleaner install with headache racks and rails, no binding on the bolts.

Chests & Cross-Over Boxes are designed and built to maximize storage space for all types of equipment. The chest is designed to sit against the cab end of the truck box, but can be placed wherever it's needed. The cross-over boxes (available in both full lid and gull wing) are designed to sit on the rails of the truck allowing for full use of the truck bed. All RML boxes have reinforced lids to provide extra durability and strength.

Full Length, Innerside & Pork Chop Boxes are designed to fit with the RML wood box liner. These boxes offer secure storage in spots that go unused. RML has designed our wheel well boxes to be custom fit for the make and model of the truck thus assuring maximum storage space and perfect fit. Like all RML boxes, these are available in custom sizes to ensure all needs are met.

Pac Rats are best suited for users that need a lot of space in their truck bed. Sitting low and in between the wheel wells, this box is perfect for contractors, surveyors, tradesmen, the oil/gas industry, and forestry. Available in a variety of configurations including the RML pioneered "SLANT". The slant is designed for users who need to load and unload ATV's, Snowmobiles, carts, or dollies. All drawers include dividers and are notched in several places for maximum space usage and have puck-board sliders on top and bottom for easy sliding, even when loaded.

Our Custom Wood Items

Our CNC machines can also be programmed for custom tool box applications.

If you can draw it, we can build it! We have many custom wood applications available. Contact our RML Manufacturing divisions at We will contact you with a quote and an estimated date of completion.

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